Bridge City Church is the product of God’s grace and the direct investment of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa, AL along with countless Christians and churches. For years, Emmanuel has prayed and planned for the opportunity to form a team to be sent out for the purpose of making disciples and planting a church. To the praise of God’s glorious grace, that prayer was answered in 2014.

Bridge City Church has been shaped by God’s Word, especially Acts 11:19-26 and 13:1-3. The passage communicates the story of the first recorded Gentile church in the history of the world and their role in global missions. It tells of unnamed men who boldly proclaimed the message of the gospel and how God used this proclamation to transform the hearts of countless people. By God’s grace these new believers formed a church. Their lives were so consistent with the life and teachings of Jesus that they began to be called Christians. It was in the context of this church that two missionaries were sent out for the purpose of making disciples and starting new churches. One of the missionaries was a man named Paul who would go on to write the majority of the letters found in the New Testament.

Our prayer is that Bridge City Church will be a church where ordinary men and women live with gospel intentionality. We pray our neighborhoods will be transformed as the church boldly proclaims the gospel and lives in accordance with the life and teachings of Jesus. We pray we will equip and empower men and women to be sent out in service to King Jesus.

While we are in the opening chapter of our story, it's exciting to join the larger story God is writing as He creates a new people for Himself. May God be pleased to work in and for and through us as He did those unnamed men in story of Acts!