We believe God is at work in North Portland! We are encouraged and excited by the many opportunities we are finding to join God in His work.


According to the Christian Scriptures, God desires and is working through the message of the gospel to create a new people for Himself. We are committed to proclaiming the good news of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus for humankind in NoPo.


We seek to live consistent with the message of the gospel so as to give evidence of God’s grace. We believe the collective witness of the believing community is a powerful display of the gospel. Therefore, we are working to begin a Community Group in NoPo that will be committed to the content of the gospel being lived out in the context of the believing community.


One context for service and mission is through our partnership with All One Community, which is a collaborative effort of the churches of NoPo to serve together for the good of our neighbors and the glory of God. We are committed to working alongside other churches and organizations dedicated to making this city a place for human flourishing. The possibilities for service and mission are as endless as the gifts, talents, abilities, and desires of those who will join Bridge City Church.